Liuchiu New Resort

With the officially grand opening in 2018, Liuchiu New Resort has constructed itself as a “Deluxe Resort” here in Liuchiuisland. With the brand new interior design, comfortable spaces and delicate mood-lights, Liuchiu New Resort aims to make your stay in Liuchiu an unforgettable and gorgeous experience.

About Us

Liuchiu New Resort is located in Xiang-Si-Pu of Shan-Fu Village, with popular sight-seeing spots such as The Beauty Cave and Shan-fu Ecological Passage surrounded.

Early in the morning, you’d be awakened by the cocks’ crow.
At night, you’d be able to behold the starry night.
There, you embrace the breeze and the sounds of insects.
You are situated in Liuchiu’s authentic atmosphere.

If you happen to need a space to settle down,
The romance and relaxation of Liuchiu will be the best choice for your spiritual purification.

Grand Opening in 2018. You’re highly-welcomed to lodge during our running-operation period.

●Reservation Hours: 8:00-22:00 (Please call for reservation during these hours)

Welcome to Liuchiu New Resort

Liuchiu New Resort

To make you feel at home, Xiao-Liu-Chiu always looks forward to your return.

We offer diverse types of rooms as your choices.

203 Four-person Room
204 Triple Room
215 Double Room